Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Stockton was an alien - he absolutely LOVED trick-or-treating. He came home with tons of toys and candy. This morning he said, "I love Halloween, but I wanna try Christmas." I about died laughing!!
Carson was a lion. The cutest lion ever, mind you. He didn't mind his costume and smiled for every picture. The only problem was he got super hot and sweating in there.
Talon the Spartan and Carson the lion. We were trying to get all the boys together but Stockton always refuses the camera.
The girls.
The whole group. Stockton refused to get in the picture so they held his mask!! Grandma's 6-pack of grandkids!
Daddy and Carson-the-lion
My mom was hilarious in this m&m costume. It actually blew air so it was fully round. All the grandkids got a kick out of her.

Kk as Minnie Mouse. She's going to wear this to Disneyland and get her picture with Minnie
The little cheeser once the night was over and he was in his pjs.

Monkey Island

This is a new place in Lehi. If you haven't been there - GO! It is so fun. Stockton invited his cousin (and best friend) Kk to this place on his real birthday.
Stockton showed ZERO fear and climbed huge ladders to get to the top of very high slides. This kid went down every slide multiple times and in all positions. Mindy and Kk came and Mindy and I got in there with our kids. Those slides are freakin fast!

All kids get a free otter pop. This was a nice break for the kids - especially since they play so hard.
This is one happy birthday boy!!!
We ended the day with a birthday/Halloween cake just for the 4 of us.
What a great birthday!
I hope he gets his wish! :)


Yes, Stockton is now 4 years old! It freaks me out. He has grown up so fast! For his birthday we had 3 parties (yes, I know I'm crazy) We had a Konold party, Thomas party, then Stockton took his cousin Kk (Kaylinn) to Monkey Island Fun Center. These pictures are from his 2 family parties. He didn't feel good come the 2nd party and was not very social. I spent a lot of time worrying about him instead of taking memorable pictures. I'll always regret that. I sure am a worrier. We had rocket soup (cream of broccoli) and chicken salad sandwiches. We appreciate everyone coming to celebrate our adorable son's birthday. Both parties were full of great food and even greater company!!

Stockton wanted a Little Einstein's party. So yes, I went crazy. My party planner (Tayten the AMAZING) and I painted this huge rocket and painted each Little Einstein face on pumpkins.
Stockton loved to turn the fog on to make it look like rocket was taking off :)

I also made this cake. It wasn't as hard has I imagined, yet I am such a perfectionist I can still see the flaws. Stockton loved it and I'm getting pretty good at fondant.

Since the Little Einsteins are all about music, everyone got these little trumpets. Humm, yeah. I took my hearing aid out within the first few minutes.
Stockton's cake to eat!!Stockton was so funny about blowing out his candles. His cousin (Adam) put his candles too far apart and he struggled to blow them out.
Paul and his dad.Mindy, Michelle, and Kaylinn.Carson loved all Stockton's toys!!A nice nose rub defiantly means "I love you!"LOTS of gifts on the Thomas side - causes sensory overload for a sick child.

Cutest note ever written by Sydney and Abby.
Yes, that is a fat lip. Things didn't go quite right for Stockton at the Thomas party. He did get lots of fabulous gifts that he still won't part with. A shopping cart, microwave, and these woo-woo cars to name a few.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am completly soaked after baths! But it's worth it to see Carson having so much fun :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Me: Make sure your brother doesn't fall off the bed.
Stockton: Ok, mom.

**No injuries. Stockton built this force around Carson because he was "sick of rolling [Carson] to the middle." People are thinking that since he is not in the third picture that he fell. No. He is simply covered. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Horseback Riding

Stockton is just checking things out while the horses were getting saddled up.
Ally and Abby were super excited to get on the horse! They could barley contain themselves waiting for the horses to get ready.

They each got a turn being in front. We were also going to give them a turn on their own but Ally didn't want to be alone. These two girls are absolutely adorable together.

Abby riding the horse alone. She did a great job!!
Yes...I admit that I couldn't help it and got on that horse. It was a blast!! The horse I'm on was feeling rowdy and I had fun running with him.

Stockton wanted to pet the horse, but not ride. I got him up there for a minute but that little turd wanted down.
Even cute Carson had fun watching the big kids ride the horses!!