Monday, May 26, 2008


Sydney's birthday party was at Boondocks!
Mini Golf team.
It was hard to play Miniature Golf with Stockton. Once we hit the ball, he would run and pick it up. He wanted to hold all the balls. We actually had to leave before we finished the round because he was just too difficult. Next year it will be more fun to take him.

Sydney and Talon got soaked on the paddle boats!

Sydney's 5th Birthday!

Sydney got lots of purses and new summer outfits.
Stockton loves balloons!!
Talon is always making faces for the camera

Sydney's 5th Birthday!

All the girls wore their Hello Kitty shirts. They looked adorable together!
My mom and Sydney
My mom and Talon - such a ham!
My flash wouldn't work on my camera so I took this picture 5 times before it finally worked. Needless to say my folks were sick of me by the time I took this picture. They are such an adorable couple! I love them!
My sis Amy and her daughter Ally - Too Cute!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ahead of the Game!

Paul and I have some friends that are graduating this year and we had a graduation party for them. We bought everyone these hats to wear at the party. Stockton thought it was funny at first, I mean who's kidding who, those are funky looking hats! But after a while he wanted his own. He is my little graduate! Already planning ahead! What a smart boy I'm raising!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stockton Loves Cars!

Okay so my son, Stockton, was looking through magazines and I could hear ripping and tearing. I told Paul, "He is destroying those magazines." I looked over the couch and realized that he was ripping out an advertisement that had a picture of a car on it! He has been walking around with that picture all night! Stockton is one smart cookie and man, this kid LOVES cars!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tragedy Averted...

Stockton didn't want his picture taken. He just wanted his blanky and for his mother to get the camera out of his face!
Today Stockton fell down our stairs! It was so terrible. He fell all the way down (well I caught him on the third to the last step.) We were very scared. He was bleeding from his mouth and nose and since I had seen him bounce off the top of his head I was extremely worried. Paul and I put him in the car and started our journey to the emergency room. We were a mess. Stockton, however, was just fine. He stopped crying when we got into the car and laughed the entire way to the hospital. We were pretty sure he was ok, but we had to be sure. In just the ride to the hospital, his lips began to swell! The hospital did a brain scan and a neck x-ray to make sure he didn't have a brain injury. Thank God, he didn't. He had a pretty bad concussion but they sent us home. I feel like we dodged a bullet today. I love my little guy and would do anything for him. This will not happen again!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dinner Time Hilarity!

During dinner tonight Stockton was pulling the cutest faces!! He is beginning to get use to the camera and starting to become quite the little ham!!

Yes, he is eating cheese. What is a mom to do? It is all he'll eat!!

Changing Michelle!!

This was about the time I entered this family. Michelle was about 6 or 7 years old. Crazy!
This was Michelle's 9th birthday.
10th Birthday!

WOW!! What a change!! Michelle looks so adult!! She is almost 16 and looks fabulous!! It has been a joy to watch this little girl turn into such a responsible, smart woman!! I love you Michelle!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grandma Privett's 80th Birthday Party!

Kristie and all her boys
Stockton loved the fan at grandma's! He just looked at it all night and said, "OOOOOOEW, OOOOOEW"

More of Grandma's Birthday...

Mother and daughter...laughing it up!
Grandma listened to every word of all her cards. She was so grateful to have all her family around her to share her special day. Even though when we asked her how old she was she said 40 something. Nice try grandma!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day!!!

Stockton had so much fun with his cousins!! They are all over him, and he loves it!
Oh Michelle and Kristie!! Too cute!
Mindy's finally bigger than me! HA! She is prego and will be having baby girl, Kaylinn Elizabeth in just 2 months! Yeah another cousin for Stockton (and girl for this family)
Look at my little blue eyes!! They couldn't get any more blue!

Mother's Day!!!

My cute boy and I!! I love being his mommy!!
My adorable parents!
Paul and his mother (my only competition) He is a mama's boy for sure!
Look at us! We are way cute mothers!
Cute Konold mothers!! Mindy (the one in the middle) will become a mom in just 2 short months!